Preventative Maintenance for Fall Time in Salt Lake City

24 Aug 2018

A good annual roofing maintenance

that is a preventative practice that will include with a semi-annual inspection.

Fall Roofing... What do you need to do in order to prep for the upcoming Winter? Do your gutters need to be cleaned to prevent roof rot?

Ah yes, the first day of fall, the color of aspen trees turning color, the cool temperatures around us, and changing seasons and everyone is back in school... Oh and football season too!  We'd like to share with you that this is generally the optimal time of year to get your roof in order for the very active Utah winters... Lets all be proactive and get your roof inspection done, either yourself or by a roofing professional. What will you choose?

Today’s roofing materials, as well as the systems put in place, are much more durable, resilient and better looking than they have been 5, 10 or ever 15 years ago, thanks to technology in the home industry... You do NOT want to neglect your pre-Winter roof maintenance that can prevent leaks and even worse could lead to roof failure before its needed.

The absolute BEST insurance in our opinion at Pioneer Roofing against the very expensive, but necessary replacement cost that is associated with roofing and other weather tight roof systems, both the residential and commercial industry recommends a semi-annual review and inspection of your roof.

Thats why Spring is important too, that before the summer months, that we have discussed in other blog posts, the suns UV rays, unpredictable Summer downpours and high winds on the great salt lake will and can cause massive havoc on your roof.  Even the bulletproof roofs, that we have installed, can be severely damaged in this extreme weather and harsh year-round elements.  By doing a semi annual fall (like we are talking about here) inspection of your shingles, tar, or metal (and other materials) one your home or commercial spaces condition, we can identify roof issues and conditions and get a repair done before heading into the cold winter months.  This semi annual inspection can increase the life of your roof by up to 2x of which it would normally last.

The bottom line here?  HUGE financial savings for you and your bank account. A small problem doesnt go away and little things that turn into big ones are not always visible to an untrained or non roofers sight – it really is in your best interest to have a knowledgeable roofing professional perform a thorough inspection for your family or customers.
Contractor for Roofs in Salt Lake City

The Six Main Roofing Jobs That You Need Done

22 Jul 2018

The 6 Main Roofing Services Offered by a Reputable Roofing Contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah

We have operated in the Salt Lake City region since 1980. We serve the neighborhoods of

  • Woods Cross

  • Bountiful

  • Draper

  • Holladay

  • Centerville

  • South Jordan

  • Riverton

  • North Salt Lake


You would probably agree with us that your home is one of your biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. One of the key components to protecting that home is the roof as it is the key to ensure the house that you own remains in great condition no matter what mother nature throws its direction. We know Utah in all its glory can send some foul weather in your homes direction. From the first installation on a new construction home that has an entirely new roof to little shingle and minor spot repairs on older roofs, it is very important that you can trust a professional to do the work and its your job to find a local and reputable professional in the roofing industry. When a trust worthy contractor has expertise in a wide variety and all aspects of a roof, no matter how steep, or flat a roof may be, and no matter what kind of materials that roof is made of.

We at Pioneer Roofing Utah want to show you 6 services that are offered by a good and reputable roofing contractor, one with good reviews, priced fairly and is local to your area.

Roofing Repairs - If your roof has every experienced any critical damage, or just visual non structural damage because of a storm in the winter, or ever summer rain storm, or any other reason, from wind, to any other factors that the weather throws at your place. It is VERY important to be aware and knowledgeable about getting something like this fixed so that it doesn't cause even more damage and costly repairs months, or years down the road.

New Roof Installation - This is usually the biggest factor... Whether you are building a house from the ground up or are thinking taking on a remodel or renovation on your home project, it is ALWAYS best that you find a company that has a thorough portfolio, will address your particular needs in a timely matter and the reviews to back up what they are telling you... these factors will help all of the installation process.

Gutters, Downspouts and Water Run Off Management - Gutter systems are often ignored and put in as an after thought with many contractors. We know that how you get rid of the water that comes from your roof is as important as making a water tight seal on the top of your house. It will help to protect your property as well as your roof from expensive water damage. mostly it will divert excess rain water far away from your house landscaping and most important the integrity of the foundation, which is vital in Utah as it freezes here in the winter months.

Skylight Installation - This is a BIG subject that many roofers just get plain wrong. We LOVE skylights and they are an excellent way to use the natural light that floods into your house that gives a home a natural outdoor feeling. Many times the location is above your entryway which many agree is a good location for natural light.

Reseals & Roof Coatings - It it vital to note that reseals and various roofing coatings, that they ensure that the roof on your home is a protection and extension so that it will do what it supposed to do, and thats keep your place damage free and dry, no matter what time of year. These can often times prolong the life of a roof, and usually needs an expert opinion on the topic.

Roof Top Decking and Decks - Looking for a view? Roof decks are often one of the best places to relax and watch the stars on a warm Summer evening. They are also notorious for creating roofing problems, and these problems go unnoticed very often, since the damage is hidden from plain sight. Its possible that you can have these types of issues in your home.

If you're interesting in discussing more and might be interested in contacting us, be sure to get in touch with a reputable contractor. For a roofer in Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, the go to family professionals to contact are at (801) 943-7663 . Go ahead and give Pioneer Roofing a call today! We're waiting for your call.


Roofing How To Video

11 May 2018
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Spring Is Here! Time To Inspect That Roof!

28 Apr 2018
Utah spring is the best in our opinion and we are so excited. While of course snow and other delightful weather will be lingering across the country, the animals are out, the tulips are going, and the birds are tweeting.

Now is the time to start assessing your house to see how well it weathered the winter, and you should probably start with your faithful pal up top: the roof. Hopefully your roof kept you warm and snug this winter, with no leaks, missing shingles, and other roofing related issues and problems.

Now that some of the worst weather is over, though, it's time to show your roof how much you appreciate it by calling in a roofing crew to give it some spring maintenance, and taking a look to see if there's anything you should be doing, too.

Take a look at the roof and walk around to look at the gutters. Algae, moss, and mold are also bad signs on your roof. You can install zinc strips to control their growth and keep your roof healthy (but not green!)

While a lot of basic roof repair can be done on your own, don't be tempted to do the same with major problems. Contact Pioneer Roofing here in Salt Lake City and the greater SLC area to get expert help and opinions with your roofing. Before you hire someone, we always encourage people to check contractors' license numbers against the state registry to make sure they're in good standing, and seek reviews and advice from the community to see who's likely to do the best job.

While we're all rejoicing in the warmer weather and longer days, though, there's a problem: we can't keep avoiding our outdoor responsibilities, because we can no longer use foul weather as an excuse for curling up on the couch with the dog and reading a book or watching some home improvement television.

This is your chance to look around the roof, and see what you can from the ground and inspect any damage as close up as possible and start thinking about inspections and performing repairs like replacing missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles.

Why do a checkup to see what's happening on the roof? Why should you see and look what is happening up on your roof? Roofing problems can get extremely expensive if they're allowed to run rampant, but if you stop them in their tracks, they're often an inexpensive and quick fix. Call us today and find out your options.


Happy Spring!

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