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Spring Is Here! Time To Inspect That Roof!

Utah spring is the best in our opinion and we are so excited. While of course snow and other delightful weather will be lingering across the country, the animals are out, the tulips are going, and the birds are tweeting.

Now is the time to start assessing your house to see how well it weathered the winter, and you should probably start with your faithful pal up top: the roof. Hopefully your roof kept you warm and snug this winter, with no leaks, missing shingles, and other roofing related issues and problems.

Now that some of the worst weather is over, though, it’s time to show your roof how much you appreciate it by calling in a roofing crew to give it some spring maintenance, and taking a look to see if there’s anything you should be doing, too.

Take a look at the roof and walk around to look at the gutters. Algae, moss, and mold are also bad signs on your roof. You can install zinc strips to control their growth and keep your roof healthy (but not green!)

While a lot of basic roof repair can be done on your own, don’t be tempted to do the same with major problems. Contact Pioneer Roofing here in Salt Lake City and the greater SLC area to get expert help and opinions with your roofing. Before you hire someone, we always encourage people to check contractors’ license numbers against the state registry to make sure they’re in good standing, and seek reviews and advice from the community to see who’s likely to do the best job.

While we’re all rejoicing in the warmer weather and longer days, though, there’s a problem: we can’t keep avoiding our outdoor responsibilities, because we can no longer use foul weather as an excuse for curling up on the couch with the dog and reading a book or watching some home improvement television.

This is your chance to look around the roof, and see what you can from the ground and inspect any damage as close up as possible and start thinking about inspections and performing repairs like replacing missing, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles.

Why do a checkup to see what’s happening on the roof? Why should you see and look what is happening up on your roof? Roofing problems can get extremely expensive if they’re allowed to run rampant, but if you stop them in their tracks, they’re often an inexpensive and quick fix. Call us today and find out your options.


Happy Spring!

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