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Roofing 101 for Salt Lake City Homes

Pioneer Roofing is proud to serve our local residents and businesses in Salt Lake City & South Valley City, UT.

Over the years, your roof will likely need quality replacement, and we are the roofing experts in Salt Lake City for Roofing. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the project on your home or commercial building. Explore the post below, and give us a call to talk through and design your new roof.

Here is a small peek at the roofing processes that will clearly set us apart:

Careful Preparation Work: Our crews carefully cover landscaping, arrange parking that does not get in the way and draw up a plan to minimize interruptions to occupants of the project.

Reducing The Impact Of Equipment: For the roofing projects, we bring along impact reducing methods to save impact of your roofing project: a generator to power our tools and avoid using our clients’ power sources, a portable toilet for our crew and a methods to bring materials directly to your roof instead of the normal client staging areas most other roofing companies do.

Occupant Consideration: Commercial and residential installations only take a few days typically. Additionally, the materials and adhesives we use are free of offensive odors and harmful chemicals to lessen the load on the environment. We will work very closely with our clients to help determine the optimal work times and any other accommodations that might be needed.

Thorough Clean-Up Worksite: We are committed to a leave no trace ethos when we finish a roofing project, no matter what the scope. We bring a truck to dispose of the leftover materials and our crew execute a detailed cleanup process to make sure we have a clean site that you will be happy with.

When you need your roof replaced, worked on or any other roofing need, give us a call directly for a free estimate and we will get you covered.

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