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Preventative Maintenance for Fall Time in Salt Lake City

A good annual roofing maintenance

that is a preventative practice that will include with a semi-annual inspection.

Fall Roofing… What do you need to do in order to prep for the upcoming Winter? Do your gutters need to be cleaned to prevent roof rot?

Ah yes, the first day of fall, the color of aspen trees turning color, the cool temperatures around us, and changing seasons and everyone is back in school… Oh and football season too!  We’d like to share with you that this is generally the optimal time of year to get your roof in order for the very active Utah winters… Lets all be proactive and get your roof inspection done, either yourself or by a roofing professional. What will you choose?

Today’s roofing materials, as well as the systems put in place, are much more durable, resilient and better looking than they have been 5, 10 or ever 15 years ago, thanks to technology in the home industry… You do NOT want to neglect your pre-Winter roof maintenance that can prevent leaks and even worse could lead to roof failure before its needed.

The absolute BEST insurance in our opinion at Pioneer Roofing against the very expensive, but necessary replacement cost that is associated with roofing and other weather tight roof systems, both the residential and commercial industry recommends a semi-annual review and inspection of your roof.

Thats why Spring is important too, that before the summer months, that we have discussed in other blog posts, the suns UV rays, unpredictable Summer downpours and high winds on the great salt lake will and can cause massive havoc on your roof.  Even the bulletproof roofs, that we have installed, can be severely damaged in this extreme weather and harsh year-round elements.  By doing a semi annual fall (like we are talking about here) inspection of your shingles, tar, or metal (and other materials) one your home or commercial spaces condition, we can identify roof issues and conditions and get a repair done before heading into the cold winter months.  This semi annual inspection can increase the life of your roof by up to 2x of which it would normally last.

The bottom line here?  HUGE financial savings for you and your bank account. A small problem doesnt go away and little things that turn into big ones are not always visible to an untrained or non roofers sight – it really is in your best interest to have a knowledgeable roofing professional perform a thorough inspection for your family or customers.

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